Holly James, Chief Nursing Officer

Holly James

Holly James is an experienced RN with a passion for healthcare and an impeccable work ethic that has allowed her to not only comply, but exceed local, state, AAAHC and CMS standards. Holly has served as the Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Accreditation Officer for the opening and management of 4 ASCs within the Deca Health Corporation. For each ASC, Holly operated as the Director of Nursing, Infection Control Officer, Safety Officer, Risk Management Office, HIPAA & OSHA Compliance Officer, and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator from Ohio to Colorado.

In 2003, Holly and her husband, Dr. William James, opened the first Pain Management Specialty ASC together in Northwest Ohio. Since then, Holly has been instrumental in the accreditation, management, and development of the company’s ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Through months of research, planning, and strategic implementation, West Central Surgical Center opened and achieved Three Year Accreditation through AAAHC and CMS Medicare Deemed Status in 2005. Due to the success of this practice--a second ASC, Bayside Surgical Center, was opened and received Three Year Accreditation through AAAHC and CMS Medicare Deemed Status in 2016.

In 2013, Holly and Dr. James looked to expand their pain management care to underserved areas such as Grand Junction, CO. After long consideration, Holly and Dr. James decided to open Colorado Injury and Pain Specialists. In 2014, the facility was later accompanied with Redlands Mesa Surgery Center, receiving Three Year Accreditation through AAAHC and CMS Medicare Deemed Status in 2014. Holly also consulted for Integrated Pain Solutions and successfully opened Gemini Surgery Center in Columbus, OH. The facility achieved Three Year Accreditation through AAAHC and CMS Medicare Deemed Status in 2016.

In her personal time, Holly has always had a passion for giving back to her community. She has long been a member of The Auxiliary of the Toledo Hospital and later served as president of the Lucas County Medical Auxiliary. In 2020, Holly and Dr. James were awarded Philanthropists of the Year by the National Philanthropy Association for their gracious donation to ProMedica Russell J. Ebeid Children’s Hospital. This specific donation allowed for an advanced camera system to be installed in the NICU of the Hospital. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, families were unable to see their children in the NICU, and this camera system allowed for safety and peace of mind. The system is known as Katy’s Connection, named after their daughter, Katy, who was born 8 weeks premature with cerebral palsy.

Holly James undoubtedly exceeds clinical and operational expectations while promoting the importance of compassionate patient care, continued education, and a positive work environment—making her an invaluable and vibrant leader to the team.

Phone number: 866-908-3514

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