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Medical Billing

Decrease Payroll • Increase Revenue
• Maximize Reimbursement • Improve Cash Flow

As a physician, you may be experienced at managing clinical outcomes, but how adept are you at billing?  It can mean the difference between getting reimbursed for the correct amount or getting denied.  DECA Health provides third party billing excellence that will improve your financial performance and reduce your stress.

DECA Health performs the following functions:

  • Complete revenue cycle management
  • Coding
  • Comprehensive coding and billing audits
  • Managed care contracting


Our client implementation team is dedicated to transitioning your center with minimum effort and disruption to your business.  DECA Health’s experienced and dedicated billing staff will enable your facility to:

  • Stay current with the ever-changing billing guidelines
  • Ensure your center’s transactions are compliant with federal and state requirements
  • Ensure that you are receiving the maximum reimbursement possible
  • Decrease the number of denials by eliminating all controllable causes
  • Establish efficiencies that result in improved A/R days providing faster access to your cash
  • Reduce internal costs
  • Provide detailed financial reports
  • Provide unparalleled customer service












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