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National Philanthropy Day

National Philanthropy Day is to show appreciation for those who have significantly contributed to the welfare of our communities in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. In 2019, Dr. William James and his wife Holly James were nominated by William Garbe of Promedica Foundations for the Outstanding Philanthropist Award.

William and Holly James, partners in life and in work. Dr. and Mrs. William James founded DECA Health, Inc and Comprehensive Centers for Pain Management in 2003 to improve the delivery of acute and chronic pain management services in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with a full multidisciplinary approach and patient-focused care for even the most challenging patients. Since its inception, CC4PM of Toledo Ohio has collaborated with area Promedica Hospitals and physicians to provide seamless service.

The James’ youngest child Katy, was born two months premature under emergency conditions. Born lifeless, she spent her first several weeks in Toledo Children’s NICU. With the loving and expert care of the entire team of NICU staff and physicians, Katy not only survived, but flourished. Katy has brushed away the challenges of spastic diplegia, scoliosis, and dyslexia to be an outstanding student and citizen.

Holly James has volunteered for the Toledo Hospital Auxiliary and Toledo Academy of Medicine Alliance, serving one year in a presidential role. She also volunteered for Second Chance and the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) in Colorado, for which Katy was a poster child and ribbon cutter for their new facility in 2009.

Despite Dr. and Mrs. James time and support given to these organizations over the years, they were looking to hep in a more impactful way. That opportunity surfaced in the form of sponsoring “NICVIEW”—a secure interactive video platform that allows family members to connect remotely with patients and families in the NICU. The choice to support Toledo Children’s Hospital was easy. Dr. James and his family committed to launch and support “Katy’s Connection”—cameras for all 60 of their NICU beds—to benefit the families and patient in the Toledo Children’s NICU.

On behalf of DECA Health, Inc., we aspire to practice and celebrate the spirit of philanthropy that results when everyone works together to “Change the World with a Giving Heart.”

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