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DECA Health has partnered with independent physicians, medical practices, regional medical facilities and larger hospitals throughout the country to provide patients with incredible pain management services, and to provide clinical staff with the resources they need to achieve positive clinical outcomes for their patients.

It’s no secret that the demand for high quality, multi-disciplinary interventional pain management services has been on the rise, as more and more patients are in need of specialized care to deal with their painful conditions or diseases. Primary care physicians and hospital emergency rooms are not equipped to deal with the multi-faceted nature of pain management, and chronic pain patients tend to bog down the system and prevent patients that can be helped from getting the care they need.

Our goal is to provide medical communities with pain management care they need, and to get those chronic pain patients out of emergency rooms and into a comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain management program that can help them find lasting results. Our programs have not only been successful for patient outcomes, but have had a dramatic effect on reducing chronic pain patient’s reliance on emergency care units, helping reduce the burden on hospital staff as well.


Independent Physicians

DECA Health has always believed that pain management should be seen as its own distinct and necessary specialty, and not as part of an anesthesiology or orthopedic group. Though those resources have a place in the continuum of care, in order to be truly successful in managing acute and chronic pain, a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary pain management program needs the full collection of clinical tools and modalities at their disposal.

DECA Health seeks to provide fellowship trained, board certified physicians with the opportunity to create their own pain management practice, independently owned and operated, built around their vision for multi-disciplinary, interventional pain management. We are one of the few medical development companies in the country who can take your vision from construction to operation, providing physicians with a turn key solution to practice medicine the way they were taught. DECA Health can handle all of your practice’s business, management and billing issues, freeing you to work directly with patients.


Hospitals and Medical Facilities

The win-win goes a step further for our partner hospitals and clinical facilities, as pain management represents a specialty that can often exist in currently available space, will help utilize underused surgery center or operating room space, and requires little to no upfront capital investment for partner hospitals or medical practices. DECA Health can bring the pain management practice to you, helping to recruit a highly qualified interventional pain management physician, while supporting practice growth with our proven practice models for success.

Pain management can be an incredible opportunity for both clinical and business success, and is an affordable way to help improve your clinical offerings and bottom line without investing in expensive equipment or build outs. By partnering with DECA Health, we can help make pain management a successful and fully integrated part of your existing hospital or medical practice.