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DECA Health utilizes its proprietary development and management systems to deliver and operate high performing multi-disciplinary pain management and musculoskeletal centers. By integrating the patient and physician experience with facility and financial management systems, we have created highly efficient practices that provide uncompromising patient care and physician support.
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New Practice Development

DECA’s innovative and cost focused model has helped make private practice and ASC ownership a reality for physicians across the country. By utilizing efficient facility designs, combined with the industries best practices and standards for quality of care, DECA facilities consistently outperform competition in productivity and revenue.

We provide a complete turn key solution to practice ownership, giving you a customized facility built around your needs, and the tools you and your staff need to be successful from day one. From ground up construction to existing practice renovations, DECA health has the experience you need to build and operate the practice you’ve always envisioned.

Existing Practice Development

DECA’s team of business, management and healthcare consultants have helped turn struggling practices into efficient and productive models of success throughout the United States. Our approach to minimizing wasted personnel and resources, while maximizing patient volume without compromising quality of care, has helped our facilities outperform competitors in nearly every major benchmark available.

From implementing new ancillary services and sources of revenue, to improving the management and billing process you use to be more effective, DECA has an extensive history of turning physician practices and ambulatory surgery centers into models of efficiency and productivity. Our proprietary management systems have been time tested and have had great success in a variety of clinical environments, and will turn your independent practice into a best practice for financial and clinical success.

Additional Services for Medical Practices

  • Research
    Using a collection of proprietary tools and resources, DECA’s team will help identify locations that provide the best opportunity for your practice’s success, and highlight opportunities for growth.
  • Site Selection
    DECA will conduct assessment and feasibility studies, providing you with information you need to make the right decision. We will also work with real estate agents, banks and contractors to help deliver the facility you need.
  • Project Management
    DECA has the project management and construction oversight experience to help deliver your facility on time and under budget. Let us work with contractors and engineers to get the perfect facility for your clinical needs.
  • Recruitment and Staffing
    From physicians to trained clinical staff, DECA can assist in the recruiting, hiring and training of these individuals. All our training programs are based on AAAHC best practices for office and clinical staff.
  • Equipment and Infrastructure
    Using our suppliers and supply chain logistic contacts, DECA health can help outfit your facility with the tools you and your staff need to provide the highest quality of care every day.
  • Billing and Collections
    Our team of certified billers, coders and collections experts will guarantee that you get paid for the work you perform. DECA’s billing services continue to outperform industry benchmarks, and will provide the financial security you need.
  • Practice Management
    DECA’s practice management team provides the global focus you need to become a more efficient and productive practice. We’ll provide the feedback you’re missing now, and help guide your practice towards financial success.
  • IT and EMR Support
    By combining technology experts with our healthcare experience, we can help select the right EMR system and assist with implementation, making the process as painless as possible.
  • Healthcare Marketing
    DECA has online marketing and traditional media marketing resources, to make sure your practice is being communicated to the patients and referring physicians who can benefit most.