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Patricia Harben, CNP
Contact Information: Office: 567-455-5403 Ext 111

Patricia Harben, CNP Certified Nurse Practitioner

Comprehensive Centers for Pain Management welcomes Patricia Harben, Certified Nurse Practitioner. In 2008, Harben earned her Associate’s Degree in Nursing from North Central State College in Mansfield, Ohio. She completed her ICU fellowship with Ohio Health in 2011 where she became thoroughly experienced in medical and surgical ICU environments, cardiac step-down, mental health, and infusion therapy. As Harben was achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Ohio University, she worked in Pain Management as a Charge Nurse for Promedica Memorial Hospital in Fremont, Ohio. She is well-versed with patient education regarding chronic pain, interventional procedures, and medication management. By the time Harben earned her Masters of Nursing in 2019, she had served on several hospital committees including Safety Council, Service Excellence, Unit Practice Council, and Education Council. Patricia Harben is a clinical and professional asset to the CC4PM team.