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DECA Health is an expert in both the business of pain management as well as the practice of pain management.

Working with DECA provides you the opportunity to work with recognized industry experts in all areas of healthcare. We’ve brought together a team with decades of experience operating, managing, developing and billing for interventional pain management practices across the country, and we know how to make the practice of pain management work for both patients and providers.

The Four Elements of Success:

The DECA Health team focuses on four key elements for success, helping to demonstrate the connection between clinical and business success. These four key elements shape the direction and management philosophy of our managed centers:

  1. Patient Perspective
    The primary focus of any clinical model has to be on providing patients with the resources and quality of care they need to achieve a positive clinical outcome.
  2. Provider Perspective
    No clinical model can be successful without satisfied and productive physicians. We pout our partner physicians in a position to be successful, and surround them with highly trained staff and the resources they need to be successful.
  3. Facility Perspective
    By maintaining rigorous standards for efficiency and productivity, as well as helping to keep both staff and equipment costs down, we can balance the need for high quality care without wasted money or time.
  4. Financial Perspective
    The end result of success in all three areas, financial perspective is becoming increasingly important for both physicians and facilities. The ability to provide quality care does not eliminate the ability for a pain management practice to be financially successful, and utilizing DECA’s model and tools for success are a key component in creating and operating a financially successful practice. DECA Health utilizes these key elements in addition to our development and management systems to develop and operate state of the art multi-disciplinary pain management and musculoskeletal centers. The focal point of our practice model is a single specialty ambulatory surgery center, dedicated to the support of interventional pain management procedures as well as the full spectrum of ancillary and physical therapy services.DECA Health distinguishes itself from other companies through our fact-based decision making, rapid execution and thorough follow-through to assure exceptional outcomes for both patients and providers.