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Every surgery center begins as a vision.

Bringing that vision to reality demands an experienced partner who can help you make certain that you have the right team in place, the appropriate certifications and licensing, and the proper organizational structure.

Site Selection

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Direct the site acquisition or lease negotiation

Physician Recruitment

  • Utilize our expanded recruiting reach to fill those strategic positions

Building Design and Development

  • Assist in engaging architect and contractor
  • Work closely with architect and contractor to ensure quality standards are met and costs remain within the budgets
  • Purchase capital equipment
  • Perform final facility walk through and punch list

Organizational Development

  • Develop governance structure
  • Establish Board
  • Select Medical Director and key staff
  • Obtain required state licensure and Medicare certification

Financial Development

  • Develop strategic plan
  • Provide financial data to project
  • Assist in conceptual site plan and floor plan
  • Estimate capital expenditures for equipment
  • Recommend financing strategies
  • Project cash flow statements and financial statements
  • Determine top payors for contract negotiations

Operational Systems

  • Hiring Clinical Director and staff
  • Developing and implementing employee benefit program
  • Establishing vendor relations
  • Preparing Team for Medicare certification
  • Assisting in the selection of management information systems
  • Negotiating third party payor contracts
  • Establishing the fee schedule
  • Developing and implementing credentialing process
  • Assist in contracting all insurances
  • Ordering and stocking inventories


DECA Health designs, develops and manages your practice so you can focus on your patients. This allows you to do what you do best and allows us to do what we do best.

Focusing too much on the detail of your operations and compliance may allow your patients to suffer. Devoting your time to improving patients may not allow your practice to achieve its efficiencies.

  • Implementing and monitoring monthly financial and operational reports
  • Perform complete accounting services
  • Maximizing scheduling efficiencies to grow case volumes
  • Monitoring clinical, financial and operational benchmarks
  • Preparation of annual operating budgets
  • Maintaining clinical and operational compliance
  • Develop culture and team building strategies
  • Supporting hiring, training and retention of staff
  • Development of marketing plan and budget
  • Providing risk management support
  • Designing of inventory control systems
  • Information systems and support
  • Monitoring patient, physician and employee satisfaction